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Samina Mughal: Award Winning International Fashion Designer


British Fashion Designer Makes a Big Come-back to London
After 22 Successful years in the USA Fashion Industry

SMGlobal Catwalk Presents: Fashion Revolution London.
Saturday August 19th 2017
Location: Chelsea Football Club Stadium
Featured Designer: SAMINA MUGHAL & International Designers

Samina Mughal is an Award Winning International Fashion Designer and the Founder/Executive Producer of SMGlobal Catwalk, an International Fashion Movement which involves Fashion Shows & Events, Model Management; Training; Magazine, TV and a Multi-Designer Store.

Born & raised in Birmingham, England, Samina is bringing her collection home and is also allowing other International Designers from several countries to join her as they show their creations in London at the iconic, world famous Chelsea Football Club.

Samina is also a Philanthropist and the Founder/President of “Relief SMGlobal Foundation Inc”; a 501c3 Charity with a mission to help women & children around the world lead better lives through education, training and empowerment funded through Global Fashion and Modeling events.  Samina has made a commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.  The “Surviving in Fashion Showcase” was launched during NY Fashion Week in February 2017 where Stage 4 Cancer Survivors were given an opportunity to walk the runway in beautiful gowns, in front of a packed audience and lots of press.  A dream come true for many of them.

The SMGlobal Catwalk story has been reported by Reuters and shared with over 1000 media outlets and channels across the world including the BBC News, NBC, ABC, FOX and many more.

We welcome you to experience and tell the story of this International Fashion Phenomenon that will change the face of London Fashion.

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