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6 beautiful Real Housewives of Dubai.

Find out more about the beautiful women on Real Housewives of Dubai.

On June 2, 2022, the much-anticipated Real Housewives of Dubai came out.

Real Housewives of Dubai, a show that many people have been looking forward to, is finally here. And if you’re as excited as we are, you’d want to meet the show’s beautiful “housewives.”

After Dubai joined the Housewives franchise as the eleventh city, it became the hottest topic in the entertainment business. Dubai is a great place for the Real Housewives of Dubai series because of its beautiful buildings, over-the-top lifestyle, and expensive nightlife.

More about Real Housewives of Dubai on Bravo:

The show Real Housewives of Dubai is about a group of women in the UAE who are trying to manage their relationships, careers, and very luxurious and wealthy lives. Whether they’re on a private plane, running a successful business empire, or throwing a party on a private island, these six beautiful and successful women are ready to serve up drama with unexpected twists. India will be able to watch the show on Hayu, which can be accessed through Amazon Prime Video Channels.

Now that you know what the Real Housewives of Dubai is all about, let’s meet the show’s beautiful cast.

Chanel Ayan, who was born Pillot Ayan, is a Kenyan model with Somali roots. She has a lot of fans in Africa and the Middle East, and couture designers in the area like to work with her. She is married to the artist and model Luca Salves, and the two of them have a son named Taj.

Caroline Stanbury is a former member of The Ladies of London. Caroline Stanbury is now married to soccer player Sergio Carallo of Real Madrid. The couple now live in Dubai, and after five years off, Caroline is back on TV.

Dr. Sara Al Madani is an entrepreneur and public speaker who calls herself a rebel. She started her first business when she was 15 years old and has been a role model for young women in the UAE ever since. According to her cast bio, “she is ready to look for love again, even though she has been divorced twice.”

Caroline Brooks was born in Boston to Honduran parents. She goes by the nickname Caroline DXB and is a real estate agent and the owner of Glass House Salon and Spa in Dubai, which serves women of all colours, hair textures, and skin types.

Lesa ‘Milan’ Hall is the former Miss Jamaica and is in Dubai to pursue a fashion design career. Lesa is the creator of the luxury maternity line Mina Roe and the mother of three sons. She and her husband live in Dubai, and she says she likes luxury things.

Nina Ali is a lifestyle content maker who relocated to Dubai in 2011 with her husband, Munaf Ali, and their three children. Nina is a highly ambitious businesswoman and entrepreneur. According to her cast profile, Nina “loves sincerity and prides herself on being the real deal.”


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