A future season of “Only Murders in the Building” is hinted at by Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez, star of the successful Hulu series Calm Down, delighted her fans by tweeting two pictures from the show. In the first image of the posted post, the 30-year-old ex-Disney star was seen whipping her blonde hair as she jumped around. The only thing the American musician wrote in the post’s title was the number three, and the Only Murders Instagram account only offered a simple “three” emoji in response.

In the second picture, a person is seen wearing black sweatpants from the Mayfair Group and a pair of sporty black and white sneakers. The individual was standing next to a spill on the floor where wet paper towels, an orange straw, and ice cubes could be seen.

This person’s lime green manicured hand was seen in the top left corner of the picture. The words “Thank you for asking about my mental health” were emblazoned on a pair of sweatpants that the person was sporting.

Following the publication of this cryptic tweet, fans started to wonder what Gomez was up to, with one person writing, “What is happening????.” She seems to relish leaving us in suspense with her obscure messages. In response to other users who attempted to decipher what the number three might mean, one user said:

Due to the singer’s promotion of the new post in her Instagram stories, more than 1.2 million people have liked it. Prior to this, the 30-year-old singer presented a black-and-white photograph taken on the set of her well-liked Hulu show. In the UK, only Murders in the Building is accessible via Disney+.

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