After Hailey Bieber’s praise of Selena Gomez, Selena Gomez speaks out for kindness

Hailey Bieber acknowledged that she holds Selena Gomez “immense” respect, prompting Selena Gomez and Selena Gomez speaking out about “kindness.”

Gomez, speaking to TikTok Live Thursday, said that it was incredibly ironic for him to release something that is all about kind words because that’s exactly my desire.

“It’s unfair because no one should ever have to be spoken to in this manner as I’ve seen.”

“I cannot thank you enough for supporting Rare,” she said. “But know that you also represent what it means, which is: Words matter, truly matter.

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This is after Hailey Bieber resigned from the accusations that she caused Justin and Selena to break up.

The model, who was speaking on “Call Her Daddy”, was taken by surprise when Alex Cooper asked about her connection with Justin back in the days when he was still dating Selena.

The host asked, “Were you ever romantically involved with Justin at the same [Gomez] time?”

“This is crazy. Hailey responded, “I’ve never spoken about this in my life.” “A lot of the hatred and perpetuation comes from the ‘Oh, You Stole Him’.

“It’s all about people understanding the truth. Because truth is truth.

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