Ahead of his film release, A R Muragadoss writes a heartfelt open letter to the citizens

Acclaimed director and producer A R Murugadoss has made a significant mark on Tamil cinema with his exceptional films. Along with being a director, he has also produced several films under his production house, AR Murugadoss Productions. One of his latest productions is the epic period drama, “16 August 1947,” starring Gautham Karthik. The film, which has been in production for some time, is finally set to release. In anticipation of the release, Murugadoss has taken to social media to pen a heartfelt open letter to the public.

The letter is a deeply personal and emotional one, reflecting on Murugadoss’s journey as a storyteller. He writes, “Freedom is not given to you, it is something you obtain with struggle and self-belief. In my own personal life, neither do I come from a film background nor do I have any formal education, and yet, I overcame all those fears to make films.” Murugadoss expresses that this is precisely why he chose to produce “16 August 1947,” a deeply patriotic film that has been an emotional journey for the entire team.

In the letter, Murugadoss also explains why the team chose to broaden the film’s core audience by making it a pan-Indian story instead of just a Tamil-language film. He writes, “In the beginning, we intended this film to be a Tamil release, but as we moved ahead, the unanimous reaction was that our story needs to be seen on a wider Pan-India scale. August 16, 1947 will surprise and enthral you all at once. During an era when the country was stuck in a British cage, our film tells the story of a village that was trapped in a cage inside a cage and how it bravely fought back.”

The film stars Gautham Karthik, Revathy Sharma, Pugazh, and a large ensemble cast consisting of both newcomers and veterans. The plot revolves around a village and the leadership of one man who forces those around him to fight against the British rulers. While many details of the film have been kept under wraps to maintain its novelty, the anticipation surrounding its release has only increased thanks to Murugadoss’s heartfelt letter. “16 August 1947” is set to release in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada on April 7th.

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