Ali Ashouri Speaks Out

Ali Ashouri filed a request for a restraining order against Farahan at a Los Angeles court on Thursday, citing civil harassment prevention, he confirms to E! News.The reality TV personality tells us exclusively that he’s seeking protection from Farahan over an altercation between the two that played out on this season of Shahs.

Cameras were rolling as Ashouri accused Farahan’s husband, Adam Neely, of sending him sexually explicit text messages and photos. During the confrontation, which took place at a restaurant, Farahan threw a drink at Ashouri and told him, “Are you crazy? You think you’re going to come here and tell me my husband sexually harassed you? Check yourself and stop talking to me crazy. If you say ‘harassment’ one more time, I’m gonna knock you into motherf–king next week.”

Since the incident, Ashouri says Farahan has continued making threats against him through social media.

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