Amanda Batula “wants to know” that Kyle Cooke cannot produce offspring.

Amanda Batula doubts that she and her spouse, Kyle Cooke, will be successful in starting a family.

The women held a tea party for themselves on Monday’s episode of a programme, and Amanda shared her fertility worries there.

When the topic of having kids came up during a game, newbie Samantha Feher noted that since Amanda is the only married woman among the four, she is most likely to become pregnant first.

“Kyle, 40, and I want to have children,” Amanda said, speaking for herself and Kyle. It’s just not going to happen now.

I stopped using birth control immediately after the ceremony, as some of you know. “I can’t wait to stop using birth control,” she added. “And then my last menstruation was in November.”

Are you worried that your menstruation isn’t coming? If Amanda has seen an OB-GYN, Ciara Miller inquired while Paige DeSorbo questioned.

The next step, according to 31-year-old Amanda, is that. I’m actually a little anxious to go. There may only be a simple remedy, but there is a hint of “I don’t want to know.”

I don’t appreciate that. Ciara, 27 years old, told her friend in reaction to the remark. Next week is the time to leave.

Are you anxious? Paige, 30, was questioned. What if the doctor returns and informs Amanda that she is ineligible to become a parent? Have you given it any thought?

“When you’re young, you assume that all you need to do is get married, have a child, and everything will be fine,” said Amanda.

“We’re also taught to believe that having children is simple,” Samantha continued.

I just never imagined I’d be in this position where there’s a possibility that it won’t just happen, like, instantly and naturally, and like, “Oopsie,” Amanda continued.

“I know,” Amanda said.

In a subsequent candid interview, Amanda admitted, “I haven’t discussed the issue with Kyle.” I’m not a fan of sharing information with others that could raise their fears or concerns without having the solutions. I know I need to see a doctor, but perhaps I’m not ready to understand what’s going on. So, let’s wait and see.

“Good news, bad news, whatever occurs, you are more than delivering a kid to this world,” Danielle Olivera told her. You have a big crew on hand if the news is negative.

During a performance, Amanda first spoke about her reproductive worries. She was encouraged to bring up the topic once more during this season of the programme by Ciara and Paige.

“I have two really private items, though I keep a lot to myself.”

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