Anna Delvey of inventing Anna is released from prison

Anna Delvey, the focus of Netflix’s Inventing Anna, was released from the jail on October. 7, her lawyer told her.

Anna’s spokesperson has told media that Anna will remain on electronic house arrest Manhattan.

The fake German Heiress was held by the ICE’s New York custody until recently. In the words of The New York Times, Anna was granted a visa extension in March 2021.

Anna was released on October. 6. However, she was held for an additional day to secure housing.

Anna’s spokesperson said to E! news: “She has to secure an apartment since she needs to give an address for where she’s in. There were several choices, but none worked out once they learned she was an inmate.” Her status was “still searching for a new home” on the 7th of October. 7 in the morning.

Anna would like to stay at New York despite some housing problems. “She intends to reside with her family in Manhattan,” her spokeswoman stated.

Anna was snared in 2017 after she swindled large banks, financial institutions as well as hotels and acquaintances for more than $275,000 prior to she was caught overstaying her visa. Anna along with her legal counsel attempted to negotiate a plea bargain in the year following however, a judge rejected the plea, citing Anna’s absence of “remorse.”

After her detention for two years she was found guilty of grand larceny, larceny of the 2nd degree as well as taking services.

Today she’s free However, her lawyer warns she’s likely to be sent to Germany.

“After 17 months of detention for immigration Anna was released after a judge found her confinement unnecessary and ordered Anna’s release under the supervision of a judge,” Sandweg stated on October. 6. The ruling does not exonerate Anna.

The attorney explained that the deportation process will continue, and ICE as well as New York will monitor her release “As the Court determined, however the evidence showed that the risk could be adequately reduced by proper supervision,” he continued.

Julia Garner portrayed Anna in Inventing Anna the film, which earned the actress the Emmy nomination.


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