As part of a special flashback episode, Peggy Mitchell is back.

Six years after her death, Peggy Mitchell is returning to EastEnders.

In a special episode of the BBC soap opera, Jamie Winstone will play Dame Barbara Windsor’s character in a special episode, which will feature a flashback.

Peggy will play Barbara in a special episode of EastEnders that focuses on the Mitchell family’s troubled past in 1979. Jamie previously played Barbara in the film Babs.

Taking on the roles of Barbara Mitchell and Peggy Mitchell for the first and second time, she said, was an honour.

It’s safe to say that when you take on such a prestigious role, you’re under a lot of pressure, but I really enjoyed it.

My love and admiration for Barbara has been strengthened by my playing with Peggy Mitchell, who I got to play at the end of my voyage. I hope I have done her justice, and I’ve had a great time doing it. People are going to love this episode.

The episode will also feature characters from EastEnders’ past, such as Eric (George Russo), Billy Mitchell’s older brother Charlie (Charlie Heptinstall), and Stephen (Billy and Charlie’s father), who has never appeared on television before (Dean Roberts).

Daniel Delaney, Teddy Jay, Henry Garrett, Rose Reynolds, and George Greenland will play the young parts of Phil, Grant, Archie, Glenda, and Billy, respectively.

To keep her three children safe while her marriage to Eric is in tatters, Peggy will have to do everything she can.

Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, who were tragically killed off in 2016, will also return to the show.

Their parents, Glenda and Archie, will be featured in the photos.

DCI Keeble continues to put pressure on Phil, but flashbacks of his past inspire him to keep going.

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