Ashley admits that she “never thought” of Zac Efron as a “hot” star.

Despite collaborating with Zac Efron on High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale never quite understood his appeal as a heartthrob. On Tuesday’s episode of the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast, the 37-year-old actress who played Sharpay Evans in HSM admitted that she “never felt” Efron was attractive.

She told host Amanda Hirsch that she liked Efron because “I knew him before the movie,” even though she was considerably older than the actor who played Troy Bolton in the TV movie series. He was like a brother.

Tisdale said that she had once been attracted to Efron, 35, even though she had never felt a physical affinity for him.

“I believe the only instance in which I thought, ‘Oh, OK. S—. Rolling Stone’s 2007 cover had Efron posing in a white t-shirt and reading, “Yeah, he looks sexy,” she said. “I thought, ‘Now I get it.'”

The founder of Frenshe said, “I guess I simply knew him too well and had been best friends with him for so long that it’s like your brother that you’re hanging out with.”

Tisdale acknowledged that her on-screen kiss with Efron had been her worst in 2020.

Tisdale said, “I’ll tell you why it was the worst: I had to kiss Zac Efron on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and it’s the worst because I am so close to him and he’s like my brother,” in an episode of Elle magazine’s “Thirst Trap” interview series.

Tisdale noted the difference between the two networks and said, “At the time, he was used to acting on networks like Warner Brothers, which is CW, and we were on Disney Channel. He attempted to kiss me with his tongue, to which I reacted, “Get away from me!” I quickly shut my mouth.

It was “strange” for her because of their long-standing connection, she recalled, “since this is Disney Channel, and we don’t kiss like that on Disney Channel.”

She remarked of co-starring in High School Musical with Efron, “It’s just funny when you’re so close to someone, and we’d already done the movie; I’d known him for years prior. It was the worst because, simply put, we are too close.

Efron and Tisdale may not have had the best of chemistry, but the actor from The Greatest Showman famously dated Vanessa Hudgens, a fellow co-star from High School Musical, for five years.

Hudgens, 33, has commented that her 2005-starting off-screen relationship with Efron “came off quite naturally.” At the time, I was very grateful to have that connection.

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