Before Pathaan, John and SRK worked together on a vintage Pepsi commercial.

Before teaming up on the movie Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham first appeared together in a commercial. In a 2007 Pepsi advertisement, the actors poked fun at one another as they fought for the attention of a youngster who was more interested in the soft drink than they were, which was being pushed in new packaging.

A young guy with attitude steals the show in the nearly one-minute-long ad from Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham. In the first scene of the ad, Shah Rukh Khan and John are making fun of each other’s hair in a cafe. Upon recognising the artists, a tiny child arrives and intentionally moves in their way. Shah Rukh and John discussed who should approach the child first to grab his signature after noticing him wearing a large casual outfit. Shah Rukh made fun of John’s appearance, but the latter gave the impression that the actor wasn’t proficient in the correct signature technique.

As the boy approaches, they both stop trying to take the pen from one another’s hands and turn to grin at him. Uncle, zara side dena, the small child then motions for his uncle to do something.A Pepsi vending machine may then be seen behind the actors as they part ways. When the youngster approaches the vending machine and collects his Pepsi can, Shah Rukh and John are shocked and mortified. Shah Rukh then addressed John in Hindi, saying, “He addressed you as uncle.” I was not at all interested in that.

The same boy is then spotted by Shah Rukh and John once more at the cafe. The child questioned Shah Rukh about whether he was holding his Pepsi can as John prepared to “punch” him for disrespecting him previously. John was in tears when the youngster answered “thank you, uncle,” in response to Shah Rukh’s affirmative response. Then, pointing at John, Shah Rukh added, “He said thank you (to me) and uncle (to you).”

In their recently released film Pathaan, Shah Rukh and John collaborated on a large screen for the first time. The action film, which was written and directed by Siddharth Anand and is produced by Aditya Chopra, also features Deepika Padukone. Pathaan was released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on January 25, 2023, just before Republic Day. Before the film’s release, there were rumours that Shah Rukh and John had fought for the role of Pathaan. However, both performers have recently praised one another in social media posts. Even during Mumbai’s special Pathaan screenings, they were seen together.

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