Before Pathaan, Rachel Ann Mullins was unfamiliar with Shah Rukh Khan.

Hollywood celebrity Rachel Ann Mullins made her Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh Khan’s most recent film, Pathaan, despite not knowing the actor before working on the film. In an exclusive interview, Rachel talks about how she started her tour in India and her work on Pathaa.

Rachel’s most well-known roles include The League and Happy Endings.She has also contributed to Hollywood films, including Neighbours and The Entourage Movie. She plays Alice, a Russian operative, in Pathaan.

After realising that Deepika Padukone was participating, Rachel stated she was only able to make educated guesses about the film’s scope when she first joined the production. “I didn’t have any knowledge of Pathaan when I made my reservation. Not even the title could describe the moment I saw Deepika Padukone’s name on wardrobe trunks as I was filming at the Yash Raj studio in Mumbai. I had assumed that this movie would be a huge hit. She is incredibly beautiful.

She said, “I’m going to receive some flack for this, but I didn’t know who he was until we worked together.” “He was a big thing,” one of the assistant directors said. It turns out that we have the same birthday, and we enjoyed a lovely day together.

When asked how it all started, Rachel said, “My amazing agent, Ravi Ahuja, had me try out for the position.” When I received the phone call confirming my reservation, I was in the Maldives. I quickly left for a costume fitting in Mumbai.

She also discussed the feedback she has received since Pathaan’s publication, saying, “I’ve gotten so much love because of it.” I’m still in shock after seeing the reaction from people all across the world.

Speaking about the differences between Hollywood and Bollywood, she claimed that there are certain elements that are quite similar. She noted that the production quality and level of skill of each performer “is the essential distinction between Hollywood and Bollywood.” Everyone in Bollywood is equally talented in acting, singing, and dancing. In Hollywood, that is exceedingly unusual. Bollywood does not have the same severe laws as Hollywood, which is a union town with many labour constraints. Bollywood now is more akin to old Hollywood.

“I discovered that it’s always a good idea to go with your gut and adapt as the situation demands.” I’m so glad I continued to work despite Hollywood closing. “I really think that you should work where you will be treated the best, and I like how accepting Bollywood is to me,” she remarked.

Rachel explained how she made the jump to Indian entertainment: “After I shot a portion of my documentary, which I directed and produced back in 2016, in India. On LinkedIn, I talked to an agent. Years passed as we discussed Bollywood ventures, and I was extremely busy in Hollywood. However, I decided it was time to jump when the Los Angeles entertainment industry collapsed due to the coronavirus shutdown. I was there during the height of India’s shutdown, and the day I arrived, I immediately began doing project auditions.

The first time I travelled to India, according to Rachel Ann Mullins, it was for a documentary that she was producing and directing. My profession and who I am as a person were affected when I interviewed girls residing in a New Delhi home for acid attack survivors.

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