Behati Prinsloo believes Adam Levine didn’t have an affair

The Maroon 5 star, Adam, is 34 years old and she is pregnant with her third child. She is upset about claims that he is “flirtatious with” several women.

The couple are said to be happy married despite their shock at his actions.

According to a source, “Behati is upset, but she believes him that there wasn’t a physical affair.” They have been married for over a decade. She believes they are happy married, and she is shocked to discover what happened behind her back.”

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One of the women had accused him of having an affair with him. However, an insider explained that there were “no excuses” for Adam’s behavior, but that Adam was upset that his family had been “hurt.”

EOnline was told by a source that there were no excuses for his inexplicable behavior, but he claimed it was not physical. He is disappointed in himself and angry that he has caused such pain to his family. This is a wake up call for him and has helped him realize that he still has much to learn.

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