Ben Affleck Shares His Greatest Worries in Life

Ben Affleck has recently opened up about his biggest concerns in life and showed his vulnerability in a candid interview with a US local news channel. In the interview, Affleck talked about his “misery” and explained his thought process regarding his family life.

Affleck shares three children, Seraphina (14), Violet (17), and Samuel (11), with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. He emphasized the importance of not missing out on his children’s formative years, stating that he would regret it for the rest of his life if he did.

The actor and filmmaker expressed his decision to prioritize his family and be present for his children’s important events, such as basketball games and jazz performances. Affleck stated that he protects these moments by being in Los Angeles and working from an office, enabling him to step out for his children’s activities.

Affleck’s openness and vulnerability about his personal struggles with family and work-life balance have been widely praised by fans and the media alike. It serves as a reminder that even celebrities can face relatable challenges, and it is essential to prioritize what matters most in life.

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