Box Office: Kantara (Hindi) and Black Adam are the new Hindi films following Diwali.

Kantara and Black Adam thrive after Diwali. On Kantara’s greatest ticketing day (Hombale Films and Warner Bros)
, ticket sales peak. Kantara (Hindi) had its biggest ticketing day yesterday, boosting films. Black Adam, despite two new Hindi films, Ram Setu and Thank God, taking up a lot of screens, also climbed from Monday.

Kantara (Hindi) grossed Rs. 2.60 crore and Rs. 3.10 crore the day after Diwali, its best Hindi day ever. Kantara had a better week 2 than week 1. (Kannada). It remains to be seen if the third week rises or falls. The film’s week 3 earnings will show its success.

The Black Adam is still doing well, and the Diwali season may help it surpass The Batman (2022) in India earlier this year. After Diwali, the Dwayne Johnson film earned Rs. 3.5 cr nett. The Diwali holiday effect was muted because it was competing with other films, whereas The Batman was a well-known superhero.

India has experienced better Diwalis. However, every film benefited from the post-Diwali day, either opening better or making big increases. This year’s best Diwali movie, Kantara (Hindi), had 70% of its seats filled the day after Diwali.

Kantara and Black Adam are in theaters.

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