Cameron Diaz will dance naked in 2023. 10 honest remarks she made

Cameron Diaz’s New Year’s resolutions are wacky but uplifting. The 50-year-old actress has appeared in The Mask, Knight and Day, and What Happens in Vegas. In her 30-year career, she’s been nominated for four Golden Globes, a BAFTA, and three SAGs. Here are 10 occasions when she was snarky.

Cameron Diaz’s 2023 ambitions

Diaz told E! News that one of her goals for 2023 is to write an email in one sitting. I want to write a whole email at once. That’s my dream. I’d enjoy one minute of brainless sitting. My brain isn’t working in the morning or late at night. “I need some breathing room.”

Cameron Diaz’s motivational tips

Cameron said to keep motivated and go toward the objective. “Do stuff. Choose. You’re motivated by necessity. Only the current duty remains. Just start working toward your objective. My take. “”No trickery,” she added.

Is wine healthy? Cameron Diaz dishes

Some say wine is healthy. Cameron disagrees. Cameron told E! Times, “It’s wine. Wine contains ethanol. If you’re going to drink wine, choose wisely. Katherine and I never questioned the bottle’s contents. That was the first step in learning about wine quality and components. Who knows? How were grapes grown?

Cameron Diaz’s fitness apps and YouTube videos

“Many applications provide an exercise plan. YouTube has great yoga and stretching videos. I don’t think enough people know you can keep moving in a confined place. Put on your headphones, play a piece of music, and dance as hard as you can for 15 minutes. Diaz: “Then you shower and start your day.”

Is Cameron Diaz’s playlist cool?

Diaz told E! News she doesn’t listen to modern music. “My daughter and I are in Frozen world.” Only that. I constantly hear the theme music. She’s heard it 15 times today.


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She also recommended making a small playlist of six of your favourite songs to become healthy. No exercise clothing needed. You can dance naked or in underpants.

Cameron Diaz’s ‘Shallot Gold’ recipe

Diaz unveiled her first dish, “shallot gold,” on The Drew Barrymore Show. Shallot Gold is a Diaz-created Mediterranean dish. Barrymore asked Diaz, “What did you make for Benji? Your turn. I still remember it.” “Candlesticks. Diaz ate lamb chops, couscous, broccoli, and zucchini.

7. Cameron Diaz on ageing

Diaz, who delivered her first daughter, Raddix, in 2019, spoke with Gwyneth Paltrow on ageing in June.

Even in the previous 10 years, the notion of ageing has altered drastically. It’s expanded. Excitement! Since she has a small child, she wants to live to be 110.

Cameron Diaz’s first job in eight years: she’s ecstatic.

Diaz, 50, reportedly retired from acting. Netflix announced in June that Cameron Diaz would star in “Back in Action” with Jamie Foxx.

Matthew Perry says Cameron Diaz punched him.

Matthew Perry claims he and Cameron Diaz went on a date after her separation from Justin Timberlake. Matthew stated that Diaz accidentally hit Perry in the face as they were drinking at the event.

Cameron Diaz recreates the hair gel scene

Diaz and Skinner’s odd hairstyles won over netizens this year. Check out their week-setting hairstyle.


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