Chrissy Teigen: “I knew this would happen.”

Chrissy Teigen recently spoke up about her abortion and her son Jack. Teigen has received fire for publicly clarifying her pregnancy loss wasn’t a miscarriage. The author of Cravings has replied to online criticism.

Teigen said her pregnancy loss in 2020 wasn’t a miscarriage, as she had thought. “Call it what it was: an abortion,” she remarked. a life-saving abortion for a hopeless infant. I never put that together until now.”

Netizens accused Chrissy of abusing her abortion tale after she revealed it. Chrissy shared screengrabs of the cruel remarks on Twitter and commented, “I knew this would happen, and I’ve seen you at your worst, so if this makes you feel better, fine.” I’m not worse off.”

Teigen was accused of “milking” her loss of Jack. Some Netizens said she spoke at the invite-only event to “remain relevant” and accused her of lying. Chrissy called the comments “brutal.”

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