Clearly, he was the best choice. Joe Jonas Remembers Giving Up the “Spider-Man” Role

“Either you are defeated or destroyed at that moment. You do realize, though, that this person was excellent. Jonas spoke of not being cast after an audition. I vividly recall how thrilled I was to be nominated when Andrew Garfield won the role of Spider-Man years ago. He was without a doubt the best option.

However, I remember that returning for callbacks was important at the time. I thought, “I’ve got an in here,” because the director has also directed music videos, and he said, “But what about that?” I like the experience of applying, putting myself out there, and defending myself.

When asked if he ever wore the Spider-Man costume during the audition process, Jonas replied, “No, but I’m sure I had one that I’d periodically try on back in the day.”

On a red carpet in 2010, MTV News asked Jonas if he’d be interested in playing Spider-Man at the time that casting was happening. Jonas mainly dodged the subject.

During his recorded audition for the movie Devotion, which also stars Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell, the former Camp Rock star also admitted to Variety that his X-Men and Game of Thrones actress wife Sophie Turner directed him.

“Obviously, I haven’t done much acting in a while. The pandemic gave me a tonne of free time. “Well, what am I going to do with myself here?” remarked Jonas, because I couldn’t really go on a tour.I obviously like acting and have always longed to go back into it. Additionally, the audition procedure followed standard procedures. After leaving a voicemail, I returned the phone, met the director, J.D. [Dillard], and we explored the idea. From there, everything moved forward.

The brilliant actress Sophie Turner, your wife, is the one filming and directing you, so you must give your best effort. She is my strictest critic. Yes, I will feel a bit nervous, but she has been quite encouraging, and I believe she would be a great acting coach to help me out. She is also deserving of my gratitude.

Currently showing in theatres is “Devotion.”

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