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‘Diana Walkiewicz’ best designer and the owner of DeVu brand

‘Diana Walkiewicz’ best designer and the owner of DeVu brand

A designer and the owner of DeVu brand since decade. An auditor on Master’s studies  on Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom. Honoured with the title of Bests of the Bests by Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Named Enterprising Woman of 2015. Fashion Biznes considered DeVu brand as one of the Best Polish Designers. The latest collection was honourably presented by the most beautiful women  from the whole world in the Miss Supranationale, Miss Poland and Miss Teen Poland contests finals.  Dresses presentation during Miss Supranationale final perform was acclaimed as the most remarkable of all choices of Miss contests 2015 in the world. At present, the atelier is placed in Bełchatów.

  • Devu Fashion Show in Paris with Carinii Company
  • The opening of Atelier – DeVu Design Studio
  • DeVu Fashion Show on Young Fashion Day – commendation + calendar with dresses, both 2013 and 2014, and guest show – DeVu headliner in 2015.
  • DeVu dresses Miss Świetokrzyskie Region in 2013
  • The 1st  place winner in Polish ¼ Mile Grand Prix and in Jolii Gallery  in Wrocław – where the best Polish designers were chosen.
  • Guest show – the collection show – Headliner on Radom Fashion Show
  • DeVu win 2nd and 3rd place at the same time in All-Poland Contest for Designers
  • DeVu dresses in Opera
  • DeVu Fashion Show in Miss Poland 2014
  • DeVu Fashion Show Slow Fashion 2014
  • Gosia Andrzejewicz chose DeVu
  • DeVu collection on Miss World 2015! + article in Echo Dnia
  • Adrianna Paciorek in DeVu outfit on Miss Universe – Liban Innovative Session 3 D – watch the collection in 3D glasses
  • DeVu – Allegro Certificate – Super Sale
  • Alicja Dopierała in DeVu dress on Telekamery Gala
  • DeVu Fashion Show – headliner THE EVE – Warsaw
  • DeVu on the list of 5 the Best Designers in Poland !
  • An interview – Zebrra Tv
  • An interview for Warsaw Television
  • DeVu Fashion Show on Miss Swietokrzyskie Rregion 2014
  • Gosia Habdas in DeVu dress on Miss Tourism Queen 2015 in China
  • DeVu in Radom Fashion Night 2014
  • DeVu on Off Fashion Show (International fashion contest)
  • Miss Żyrardów Region – City of Stars – Fashion Show
  • An interview for OK magazine
  • DeVu Advert in Miss Poland catalogue
  • An interview for Echo Dnia
  • DeVu outfits for Ring Girls – KSW x 2
  • DeVu Fashion Show on Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) performance x2
  • DeVu outfits for Polish champion Agnieszka Witasek
  • DeVu outfits for Boxing Gala
  • Guest show, headliner on Mielec Fashion Time
  • DeVu dress for Karolina Kowalkiewicz’s session – KSW champion
  • An interview for Świat Butów Magazine ( DeVu’s story of creating shoes made by 3D printer, how the DeVu shoes collection for Carinii was created, and photos of underwater photo shoot in DeVu dresses)
  • An interview for ABS magazine – High School Graduates
  • DeVu Fashion Show in Wroclaw– headliner Ewa Minge, Ola Ciupa
  • Joanna Kosciak – Top Model in VOGUE in DeVu dress
  • DeVu Fashion Show for the greatest fashion television – Fashion TV !!! x 2
  • DeVu interviews and shows on YouTube
  • Devu dresses and outfits on fashion show, Biznes w Szpilkach, in Radom
  • DeVu designs in the Fashion Week contest
  • Honorata Skarbek in Polish Dancing with the Stars ! In DeVu dress !
  • Enterprising Woman of the Year ! Diana Walkiewicz
  • 1st place on Złota 10
  • 1st place in Radom
  • DeVu on Miss Poland contest 2015 !
  • DeVu on Fashion Day Zagrze
  • DeVu on International Fashion Fair in Poznań! – Fashion Show
  • Two-time Polish Champion in DeVu outfit
  • DeVu on Radom Fashion Show 2013
  • Underwater session organized by DeVu in DeVu dresses :”)
  • Aula Contest for Designers – DeVu wins the 1st place!
  • 40th European and African Championship – DeVu – Swimsuit Fashion Show!
  • DeVu on Radom Fashion Show 2014
  • DeVu on Wedding Fair – Fashion Show
  • DeVu dress in the film!! Celebrities!
  • DeVu dresses on art exhibition
  • Swimsuit Fashion Show for The Holidays Opening 2014
  • DeVu dress in Top Model
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