“Dislike Him a Bit,” Kody Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn

Now, Kody Brown is nice to me in person, ” she said. We’ve had problems in the past, but we’re getting along better now. Also, we don’t see each other as often, so we don’t have as many chances to fight.

She said, “But when I watch the episodes, I tend to dislike him a little.”
Gwendlyn said that she tries to feel sorry for her father, especially since he just got divorced from three of his wives.

She says, “I just have to keep telling myself that he’s having a hard time and that this is hard for everyone.” He is still my dad, and he still takes good care of me.

Kody Brown, 53, said on the Sister Wives: One on One episode from last month that he was done playing games with his ex-wife Christine, 50, after their almost 26-year marriage ended.

He told the anchor, Sukanya Krishnan, “I thought Christine was playing a game at first.”

I had mixed feelings. I tried to stay calm.

“She enjoys playing games.” “Right from the start of our marriage, we had behaviour problems, like pouting, manipulating, and throwing fits,” he said. “Some of the games were going on when we moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.”

Kody said that one time, Christine was upset about a gift he got from his then-wife, Meri. Meri said in the episode that she and the reality star had also ended their relationship.

He told Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, “Meri got me this really cool birthday gift, and I’m here telling them I might get back together with Meri.” “And Christine lost it that day.”

She comes to our family gathering and yells at one of the kids as she leaves that her marriage is bad. Two more years will go by before she kicks me out.

Christine talked about how she found out that Kody had said throughout the show that he wasn’t physically attracted to her.

“It was horrible to hear.” It’s also really weird to say, “She came clean.” “I was just thinking about something, know what I mean?” In fact, it just goes both ways.

“When he said that, I thought, “Oh, well, I guess I’m done.” I just wasn’t interested in him. Finished. “It was kind of a relief,” she said. “If you don’t like me, I won’t try or fight for this anymore.” “So, nothing I’ve done for you or my family has been worth it.”

Christine and Kody’s problems have been clear all season, a little more than a year after Christine told Kody they were getting divorced after more than 25 years of marriage.

Sister Wives airs on TLC every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

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