Doja Cat explains ‘demonic’ tattoo backlash

Doja Cat is facing criticism once again, this time for her new tattoo which some people are calling “demonic”. Despite the backlash, the rapper has not backed down and has responded to the criticism in her own way. Here is what we know about the controversy surrounding Doja Cat’s new tattoo and her response to it.

Criticism over Doja Cat’s tattoo Doja Cat’s new arm tattoo features a deformed mythological creature with the caption “purging you”. Some people have called the tattoo “demonic” and accused the rapper of “selling her soul to the devil”. However, Doja Cat has responded to the criticism with a dismissive tone, telling one user that they can believe whatever helps them sleep at night.

This is not the first time that Doja Cat has been accused of having ties to the Illuminati or worshiping Satan. In the past, she posted pictures of herself dressed as the devil with wings and horns, which fueled the rumors.

Doja Cat’s response to the backlash In response to the criticism over her tattoo, Doja Cat has been playful and unapologetic. She responded to one tweet that expressed concern over the possible “demonic influence” in her music by saying “Slay girl yas”. She also posted an Instagram story explaining that her tattoo is a reference to a 1665 edition of Fortune Liceti’s De Monstris, with the caption “Your fear is not my problem”.

Despite the backlash, Doja Cat remains a popular figure in the music industry and her collaborations with other artists have been well-received. It remains to be seen whether the controversy over her tattoo will affect her career or fan base in any way.

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