Ek Villian Returns: The movie’s sales keep going down, bringing in Rs. 2.40 crore.

Ek Villain Returns was shown in theatres for the first time on July 29, and it had a good opening day.

Even though it wasn’t as big as one might have thought, the film had a vertical film industry pattern at the end of the week.

Given the circumstances, Rs. 22 cr net in three days was a good start for the movie. It was expected to do well enough to make the most of the next weekend.

Even so, the movie hasn’t aged as well as it should have. Monday was a slow day, and Tuesday will be even slower.

On its fifth day, Ek Villain Returns made about Rs. 2.35–2.45 cr net, which is a lot less than it should have. If the number was close to Rs. 3.3 cr, the movie could have stayed in theatres for longer.

The movie only fit on one screen, so they didn’t show it on the main work day.

The movie will make about Rs. 32 crore in its first seven days, and then it will slowly creep up to Rs. 40 crore. The movie isn’t going as well as it should, given that it has a bunch of stars, a supposed leader, and great music.

The movie might have been better than star-driven movies like Runway 34 and Jayeshbhai Jordaar, but that’s not much of a relief since both of those movies were flops in the end.

Official sources have found out that the budget for Ek Villain Returns is around Rs. 62 cr. The total cost of printing and advertising is Rs. 10 cr, which brings the total cost of the plan to Rs. 72 cr.

Civility and non-dramatic privileges could lead to the film’s dissolvability for the people who made it, but that’s not how movies are made. From a dramatic point of view, the movie is going to fail.

Here is how much money Ek Villain Returns made at the box office each day:

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