Elizabeth Debicki Dresses in a Revenge Dress Similar to Princess Diana’s

Elizabeth Debicki’s most recent outfit looked like it was made for a princess.

The Crown actress, who will play Princess Diana in the upcoming fifth season of the Netflix show, channelled the late princess during her performance at the London premiere on November 8. Elizabeth wore a royal black Dior dress to the event in question and looked absolutely beautiful as she walked down the red carpet.

And even though the silk crepe design without straps might have seemed simple because of its simple shape, the crisscrossed back, floor-length neck collar, and ribbed bustier made a statement that couldn’t be missed.

Elizabeth’s outfit also had a lot of meaning and paid tribute to Princess Diana in a number of ways.

The costume reminded people of the moment in 1994 when the late royal wore a daring black dress that showed off her cleavage as a “revenge dress.”

When the LBD was risqué, Princess Diana’s black Christina Stambolian dress made people’s mouths drop. She wore it to an event for Vanity Fair on the same night that King Charles III, who was still a prince at the time, told everyone about their failing marriage and extramarital affairs.

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