Elizabeth Debicki talked about how the story is handled carefully in The Crown. 

The Crown, the royal TV show that everyone is looking forward to, will start on Netflix on November 9, 2022.

Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Princess Diana on the TV show The Crown, talked about how carefully and sensitively the story is being told.

Reports say that the next season of the miniseries will show how Princess Diana spent her last days before her untimely death in 1997.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Debicki talked about playing such a famous and hard role.

The 32-year-old Australian actor said, “I’ll say that series creator Peter Morgan and the whole crew of this job do their best to really handle everything with such sensitivity, truth, and complexity, just like actors do.”

She also said, “The amount of research, care, conversations, and dialogue that goes into something that, from the point of view of a viewer, you probably would never notice, is just huge. When I met Peter for the first time, I knew I was in a place where this was taken very seriously and with a lot of care. So that’s what I thought about the show. ”

For those who don’t know, the Princess of Wales died in a car crash in Paris as paparazzi were following her. Diana’s relationship with (then-Prince) Charles, their marriage, and their breakup were often in the news for many years.

People still talk about Diana’s choice to leave the Royal Family and her relationship with Dodi Fayed, who also died in the car crash.

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