Fashion Pakistan Week Winter Festive 2017

What you need to know about Fashion Pakistan Week Winter Festive 2017Fashion 2017

After all, in our part of the world, ‘Winter festive’ is just a fancy word used to describe wedding wear. Given that the entire country goes trotting out to weddings come winter, designers adroitly cash in on this by putting their blingiest feet forward onto catwalks.

Wedding-wear tends to be hand-embroidered and takes a longer time to create, so September is an ideal time for putting out a fashion week dedicated to these designs. Designers can subsequently take orders and have the clothes ready by the time the December-January wedding onslaught begins.

However, while FPW may be taking place at the right time, it remains to be seen whether the fashion itself will be notable. The designer lineup for the event features the usual cocktail of seasoned veterans and newbies and there are bound to be hits and misses. As is usually the case, the Karachi contingent of designers dominates although there are some well-known names from Lahore as well.

Additionally, like all winter-centric fashion weeks, FPW is bound to be shrouded in an overdose of shimmer and bling. Sometimes even the best designers downslide towards generic waters when it comes to creating market-friendly wedding-wear. One hopes that this doesn’t happen in the case of FPW.

“We aren’t encouraging the presence of celebrity showstoppers in shows,” says Deepak Perwani, the Chairperson of Fashion Pakistan Council (FPC). “FPW has always been dedicated to showcasing fashion and that is what we want to put forward on the catwalk this time as well.”

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