Florence Pugh looked “flawless” while other Don’t Worry Darling cast members “invoked questions.”

Don’t Worry Darling stole the show at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, from the red carpet through after the screening. From Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde’s rumoured falling out on set to Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine, a lot of tea was spilled…

An industry insider tells People that Don’t Worry Darling’s turmoil is “hard to handle with a grin.” “Everyone went into the movie with good intentions,” the person said. “By trying not to make headlines, they made way more,” said an insider. Florence Pugh, who skipped the press conference but attended the premiere, “looked flawless.”

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The psychological thriller picture has “so much eroticism and intrigue,” according to an insider, and would have been popular without the film festival premiere. Olivia Wilde’s film should have bypassed the festival and “led with marketing.”

79th venice international film festival

It will be intriguing to watch if Don’t Worry, Darling’s salacious drama boosts or hinders its box office success.

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During a press appearance, Olivia Wilde shot down feud rumours with Florence Pugh, saying, “The Internet feeds itself tabloid gossip and noise.”I’m not needed. Well-fed.”

Don’t Worry Darling opens September 30.

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