FLOYD MAYWEATHER pays tribute to his ex wife HARRIS

The photographer shared a flow of photos of the couple
His allegations called Josie Harris ‘my rock’ and ‘my angel’ and ‘my love’.
Josie Harris, 40, was found dead in her car by Los Angeles police on Tuesday
Police do not treat her death as suspicious
He is described as ‘light and loving’ and ‘a great spirit’
Harris fell in love with Mayweather from 1995 to 2010 and had three children

He was suing the boxer for $ 20million for defecating before his death
Mayweather was sentenced to two months in prison when convicted of domestic violence by Harris in 2010
Their eldest son Koraun witnessed the attack that made Mayweather serve time

He called his father a ‘rock’ in the same conversation his mother talked about during his time with the boxer
Harris was in the throes of writing a book about survivors of domestic violence

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