Found in the Bronx: Green Book actor Frank Vallelonga

On November 28, early in the morning, Frank Vallelonga was discovered dead in New York. He appeared in the Academy Award-winning film about his late father Tony Lip’s experience in the 1960s as a bodyguard and chauffeur. Tony Lip was the subject of the film. He was 60.

The New York City Police Department reported that Vallelonga was discovered asleep and seemingly unharmed on a Bronx street. EMS was unable to save him, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. His cause of death has not yet been determined.

The NYPD apprehended Steven Smith, 35, and took him into custody.He was accused of concealing a body in connection with the passing of Vallelonga. His charges are scheduled for January 11.

Midway through the 1990s, Vallelonga began performing in modest roles in two films written by his brother, co-writer and producer of Green Book, Nick Vallelonga. These films were A Brilliant Disguise and In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye is King. His father had a tiny role in The Sopranos as crime leader Carmine Lupertazzi.

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