Friends of Jessica Simpson are “extremely worried.”

Due to Jessica Simpson’s rigorous weight loss strategy, her close friends have voiced fear for her safety. In their inquiry, Radar Online quoted a number of Simpson’s pals and came to the conclusion that they are “extremely scared about her.”
Even the crowd has started to take notice; one person even made the observation that “Jessica looks to weigh less than her 10-year-old daughter, Maxwell.”

What 42-year-old mother of three still fits into her childhood clothes? Another individual said something. She needs assistance, and someone needs to step in.

For those that don’t know, Simpson has lost more than 100 pounds since giving birth to her daughter Birdie, who is now 3 years old. The 5-foot-3 diva, according to sources, “continues to lose more and more weight, and it is frightening,” and she doesn’t have any intentions to stop.

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