Friendship Day! 5 movies you and your best girlfriends should see

Leslie Knope, a character on the American sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” came up with the idea of Galentine’s Day, a day to celebrate friendships between women. Since 2010, almost 5 million people around the world have celebrated it on February 13 and are still looking for ways to do so with their best friends.

Senior Nicole Rapano said, “Valentine’s Day is a party to celebrate our friendships and raise a glass to our long-lasting and strong bonds with each other.” “Every year, my friends and I spend the day together as a tradition.”

Going out to dinner or having a spa day are both popular things to do on this day. Compounding says that one benefit of spa days is that they reduce anxiety and stress, which makes spending time with friends more enjoyable.

There are five Galentine’s Day movies you must see.

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