“Gal’s Got Guts: But She Gives Props Where They’re Due!”

Guess what? Gal Gadot, yep, our very own Wonder Woman, spilled the beans. She doesn’t handle all those wild action scenes solo. Shocking, I know! Instead, she steps back, gives a nod, and hands over the reins to the real action heroes. “It’s not about taking all the glory,” she mused. “It’s about giving credit to those daredevils who make us actors shine.”

Sitting down with Flaunt just a tad before that big ol’ Hollywood actors strike, she let out a cheeky laugh and said, “Whenever someone goes, ‘I pull off all my stunts,’ I can’t help but think, ‘Really now?’ But hey, Tom Cruise? That guy’s on another level; he genuinely walks the talk!”

Gushing about her stunt crew, she went on, “They’re the real MVPs! The stuff they pull off, the risks, the blood and sweat? Simply out of this world. They’re more than just colleagues; they’re family. I mean, c’mon, they make us look cooler than a polar bear in sunglasses!”

Now, get this! Gal’s making a jaw-dropping return in ‘Fast X’ from the ‘Fast and Furious’ series. And here’s the kicker: we all thought her character had bitten the dust! On this twist, she said, “The ‘Fast and Furious’ crew? They’re the real deal, the ones who gave this gal a shot in Tinseltown. The fans’ love? It’s heart-melting! They’ve been chanting, ‘Gal, get back in the game!’ for ages. Heck, they even rallied for my return! It’s surreal, and well, it feels like the stars aligned. It’s go time!”

Who else can’t wait? 🌟

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