Gayle Hunnicutt: A Shining Star Bids Adieu at 80

Born in the heart of Texas but stealing the limelight in the UK, Gayle Hunnicutt dazzled audiences in unforgettable roles, from Fall of Eagles to Dallas. Sadly, at 80, she’s taken her final bow.

After her split with David Hemmings, the well-known British actor, she found love again, tying the knot with the writer-giant, Sir Simon Jenkins. Beyond her silver screen success, Gayle became a glittering gem in the UK’s elite social gatherings. Who could forget her as Vanessa Beaumont in Dallas? The English belle whose secret love affair with JR Ewing kept us all on the edge of our seats!

Come 2000, life threw another curveball – she and Jenkins called it quits. Following their split, Gayle showcased their stunning Primrose Hill estate on Selling London. That house had been their love nest for over 30 years. During this whirlwind, she also found solace in the company of tennis writer Richard Evans.

So, how did the Texan beauty’s journey to stardom kick off? Picture this: a young Gayle captivating Warner Brothers with her mesmerizing performance at UCLA. Before you knew it, she was lighting up the big screen in Mister Roberts and then rocked Wild Angels. And, oh boy, her Irene Adler in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes? Simply iconic!

But it wasn’t just films that felt her magic. Theater-goers would tell you about her spellbinding play, The Life and Loves of Edith Wharton. Simon, her ex-beau, even hinted that the play had threads of Gayle’s own story. Later on, she wowed the stage again with The Two Marys.

Man, what a ride it’s been! The world sure will miss Gayle’s shine.

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