Gemma Atkinson gave opinion on Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story

  • Netflix’s Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer story premiered on the 21st of September.
  • The drama, which runs for 10 episodes, tells the stories of 17 victims of a serial killer.
  • A few viewers could not watch the entire first episode because of the horrific images.

The general public has been stunned at the show on the Netflix series Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story and this includes Gemma Atkinson, who recently shared her thoughts about the most recent episode of the series.

Since its debut on September 21, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix has generated a ton of attention from viewers.

The crimes of the notorious killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed 17 men and boys in the late 1970s to the beginning of 1990, are the subject of the autobiographical program.

Gemma Atkinson, a British model and actress, wrote in Instagram that the show inspired her to get “literal chills.”

“What is this? I’m watching episode 6, thoughts? And those cops! They had SO many chances to find the suspect. It must be a terrible experience for the families of those victims. been for the families of these families to experience and then relive the experience,” said in the post.

According to Mirror the viewers were exhausted by the images that they could not get through the first episode.

“The story of Jeffrey Dahmer is absolutely insane, got me sick to my stomach.” One viewer commented.

The following tweet was posted by a different user: “Watching this series on Netflix. Dahmer acting is fantastic however I really love the stories of the victims. This guy was a total sham.”

Evan Peters is the major character in the ten-episode drama that tells stories of victims and explains the reasons why their cases were delayed from getting justice.

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