Gomez’s Latest Snap: Little Gracie & Brooklyn’s Hair Adventure!

So, guess what? Selena Gomez just dropped a super cute snap this Tuesday, and boy, was it something! There’s Gracie, her adorable lil’ sis, holding clippers and, get this, giving Brooklyn Beckham a cheeky buzz cut! Brooklyn, flashing his tattoos and going all shirtless, was grinning from ear to ear.

Selena, wearing her heart on her sleeve, captioned it, “My. Babies.” Aww!

Now, let’s paint the picture: Gracie’s rocking a pink ‘Mean Girls’ tee and some shiny bangles – totally focused on her “hair-styling mission”. Meanwhile, Brooklyn’s there, basking in the moment, showing off his ink without a shirt on. Fun times, right?

Oh, a quick rewind: Gracie came into Selena’s world back in 2013 when Selena was 20 – that’s a good decade apart! But don’t let the age gap fool you; these two are as thick as thieves. They’re like two peas in a pod, always popping up together on Selena’s feed.

Hold onto your hats, though, because there’s more! Nicola Peltz Beckham, Brooklyn’s better half, joined the hair-cutting brigade. In a snap that’s vanished now (yep, she deleted it!), Nicola was giving Brooklyn’s front locks a little trim, her hand gently resting on his neck. You could also catch her in a few more pics, hugging Gracie like they’ve been besties forever.

By the way, Selena’s bond with the Beckhams? Rock solid. They once rang in the New Year under the Mexican sun. She even called them a “throuple” with a cheeky caption, “forever plus one.” Haha! Ain’t they the cutest trio?

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