Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Trailer: The “ideal” Christmas gift for Star-Lord

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special teaser seems like the greatest gift the MCU could have given its fans, bringing the crew together for the holidays to cheer up Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord. Superheroes need festive happiness.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special sounds cute, and the first trailer shows how entertaining it will be. This picture brings together Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Dave Bautista as Drax, Karen Gillan as Nebula, Pom Klementieff as Mantis, Vin Diesel as Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket, and Sean Gunn as Kraglin for a new adventure.

“Perfect gift” Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon, who will star in the film as himself, appears in the trailer as the ultimate Christmas gift for Drax and Mantis. Drax first thinks of Kevin Bacon to cheer up Star-Lord (Pratt), who is mourning Gamora’s death, because Pratt loves Bacon and Footloose (Zoe Saldana). In the promo, Mantis and Drax invade Bacon’s home.

Guardians 3

On November 25, Disney+ Hotstar will air The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, and on May 5, 2019, the group will return for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. James Gunn announced this year that the franchise would finish with the third film. The director also recounted how threequel star Chris Pratt gave an emotional goodbye speech on the last day of filming. Zoe Saldana has already hinted that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be the best.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will come out a few weeks before the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

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