Hansika Motwani Opens Up About Facing Casting Couch in Tollywood: A Young Actor’s Persistent Advances

Hansika Motwani Opens Up About Facing Casting Couch in Tollywood: Reveals Harassment by Young Actor

Hansika Motwani, renowned actress known for her work in the Telugu film industry, has recently shared her shocking experience of encountering the casting couch. In the early days of her acting career, while working in Tollywood, Hansika revealed that she faced harassment and unwanted advances from a fellow actor.

During an interview with Filmibeat, Hansika disclosed that she felt insulted and harassed like many others in the industry. Refraining from revealing the actor’s identity, she mentioned that a young hero from Tollywood frequently asked her out on dates, causing her considerable distress. However, she asserted that she gave him a fitting response, standing up against his inappropriate behavior.

This revelation has sparked curiosity among fans, who are eager to know the identity of the actor in question, considering Hansika’s collaborations with numerous notable Telugu stars throughout her career.

Apart from this casting couch incident, Hansika Motwani has also faced controversy surrounding her wedding to Sohael Khaturiya on December 4, 2022. The actress was subjected to trolling due to marrying her best friend’s former husband. Sohael clarified that rumors of their marriage leading to the breakup were unfounded and baseless.

In addition to personal controversies, Hansika’s mother faced allegations of administering hormonal injections to accelerate her daughter’s growth. The couple’s wedding was even featured in a docu-series titled “Love Shaadi Drama” on Disney+ Hotstar, showcasing various aspects of their relationship, including wedding preparations, a dreamy proposal, and the challenges they faced.

On the professional front, Hansika Motwani recently announced her 51st film titled “Man.” Directed by Igore and produced by Madras Studios, the movie is a female-centric project, though further details are yet to be unveiled. Fans eagerly anticipate Hansika’s upcoming ventures and applaud her for speaking out against the casting couch issue prevalent in the industry.

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