Humaima Malick pens up about struggles and Humanitarianism

Humaima Malick shot to fame following her bold performance in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol after which Humaima acquired a movie star status and became a force to be reckoned with in the industry. But Humaima is not just a movie star, she is an artist, lover, activist and humanitarian. The eldest of six siblings, Humaima learned to sacrifise from a young age to provide for her younger siblings. She is the woman she is today because she took on the responsibility at such a tender age. Her siblings are all settled and successful and she has to be credited for that.  Her struggles in life have made her considerate and compassionate and being a woman she is particularly sympathetic towards the struggles of a woman. She is extremely vocal on social media about struggles of women and uses her status as an influencer to voice the various issues shared by women. Deeply moved and saddened by the recent heinous acts of honor killing, acid attacks and other attacks on women, Humaima decided to not just limit her activism to social media and became associated to various organizations working for women and children. She is the brand ambassador of Seed Out, an organization aimed at helping the underprivileged. She was also associated with the Punjab Government in endorsing the Women Protection Bill that aimed at giving protection to women. She regularly gives motivational lectures at universities, most recent of which was FC College. The Women Empowerment Society at FC College, impressed by Humaima’s loud and straightforward opinions invited her to come share her experience and motivate girls and boys alike. She is a philanthropist and activist who believes no little act of kindness is ever a waste.

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