In a touching Thanksgiving tribute, Kate Bosworth expresses her love for Justin Long.

Thanksgiving tribute from Kate Bosworth to He’s Just Not That Into You actor On November 24, the former Blue Crush star thanked Justin, writing, “So grateful for your warmth and safety, and that bright, beautiful ever glow,” and posting numerous photos of their autumnal outings.

She wrote, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING.” You make life so enjoyable.

The couple can be seen grinning in one picture as they hike through a forest together. In another picture, Kate and Justin are seated under an apple tree in an orchard.

The 39-year-old also included pictures of trees with fall foliage, a jar of “Thanksgiving Apple Butter,” and Justin, 44, having a good time paddling a canoe in her post.

The two sparked dating rumours after Kate sent Justin a sweet social media shoutout after they finished filming a movie together in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in May 2021. The actress shared photos from their time in town at the time, including one of Justin holding Kate in his arms, and remarked on Instagram at the time, “There are some cinematic moments where you learn a lot about another person.”

She exclaimed, “Holy moly, @justinlong, you are an absolutely wonderful, fun, hilarious, kind, rare, considerate, and completely fckn. rad human being.”

When Justin posted images of himself drinking a pint of Guinness with Kate while on a romantic vacation to Ireland a year later, the couple finally came out as dating. In June, Kate captured a photo of the actor from Conan the Barbarian’s birthday kiss.

“Years later you met a girl whose life had been deconstructed and rearranged but you were patient, and over time she fell in love and now she has a glow (one that was forgotten long ago),” she wrote on June 2.”You were born today, and the world glowed brighter than it had ever known,” she explained.

Kate continued, “She is more grateful than you will ever know.” Happy Birthday, Justin Long! You give me such a big smile that it hurts my face. I want to express my gratitude for bringing me calm ever since we first met.

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