In the series finale of “The Walking Dead,” there are heartbreaking deaths and departures.

When the second-to-last episode ended with Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) being shot by Governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) and loved ones rushing to save her, it was clear that the 90-minute finale would be painful.

In the first scene of the episode, Daryl (Norman Reedus) barged into the hospital to ask for help. Commonwealth troops stopped him and knocked him out. In the meantime, the group of walkers is getting closer. Luckily, Judith stays awake long enough to get up the courage to lock the doors before falling back asleep next to Daryl.

Jules (Alex Sgambati), who was attacked by the swarm, and Luke, a musician (Dan Fogler), who was bit, were the first two people to die that night. But they can’t get him to the hospital until they find the harmonica in the pocket of his jacket. As he dies, they crowd around him as he bleeds out. He convinces them to play. “Always.”
Eventually, Daryl, Carol (Melissa McBride), Judith on a gurney, and the rest of the group get out of the hospital and find Yumiko’s medical brother, Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale), who starts treating Judith.

While this is going on, Rosita (Christian Serratos), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) find Coco and the other babies who have been taken. The crowd is so big that they have to hide in an ambulance. Before climbing a conduit and going up a few levels to an open window, they leave and fight off the walkers.

Eugene and the baby he is caring for make it to safety, as do Gabriel and the baby he is carrying. As Rosita starts to climb, the walkers pull her down, and she eventually falls. In a classic TWD fake-out, she seems to be gone for a short time, but then she comes back and starts killing walkers left and right. She climbs to the top of the ambulance, jumps onto the pipe, and then squeezes through the window.

As the last season of The Walking Dead comes to an end, Norman Reedus says, “What a ride.”
The next time we see Rosita, she is looking at Coco as she sleeps. Eugene asks Rosita how excited she is for summer. She stays quiet as he goes on and on about how important it is for babies to learn to swim. Then he asks again, “I can’t wait until summer.” Do you?” She watches him. “When did you fall, Rosa?”

She shows a bite mark on her back and nods. Her end is nigh. She is enjoying the time she has left with Coco. She tells Eugene, “Don’t worry. I love you so much,” and he says back

She adds, “I love you too,” with a tear in her eye.

Luckily, it looks like Judith will be okay. On the other hand, Pamela Milton needs to know what will happen to her.

Mercer (Michael James Shaw), who is on the side of the people of the Commonwealth, offers to help the ex-Alexandrians escape while he and the people of the Commonwealth on his side get ready for a fight. He says, “I can’t stand by and let people die.” “This is not your fight. They don’t live near you.”

Ezekiel (Khary Payton) says the opposite. “They do, and you are as well,” he declares. Aaron says we need to do more than just save ourselves. The rest of the team decides quickly that they will stay and fight on.

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