Interim hosts Stephanie and Gio respond to T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s questions.

Ramos then briefly touched on Holmes’ and Robach’s absence from the program.

She greeted everyone and said, “Welcome to what you need to know on this Monday.” Today is a holiday for T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach.

Benitez said, “We are tracking so much, and we are so happy you are here with us to start this brand-new week here on GMA 3.”

After their relationship was made public last week, co-anchors Holmes and Robach will be temporarily replaced by Ramos and Benitez, a source said on Monday. Ramos started her media career when she was a member of the U.S. military, whereas Benitez is an ABC News correspondent who focuses largely on transportation.

“Good day, Monday!” See you on Twitter later this afternoon at @abcgma3; times are listed in your local listings.Ramos uploaded something on Instagram an hour before Monday’s telecast.

It’s unclear how long Ramos and Benitez will hold their positions, in addition to if or when 49-year-olds Robach and Holmes will make a comeback.

A source claims that Holmes and Robach’s suspension was revealed by ABC News President Kim Godwin on Monday at a normal staff meeting. According to a second source, “GMA decided to have a period of cooling down since they considered this was unwelcome attention; hence, for the time being, they’re going to be off the air.”

Last week, pictures of Robach and Holmes on vacation in upstate New York became well known. In other photos, they could be seen laughing and holding hands as they were drinking. When the pictures originally surfaced, it was believed that Holmes and Robach were still married.

According to a second person who previously spoke to individuals, Robach and Holmes both ended their relationships with their spouses in August. Despite the fact that the couple has not yet finalised their divorces, Robach’s spouse Andrew Shue has deleted all photos of Robach from his Instagram account.

Someone said that ABC was aware of the romance between Holmes and Robach. “There were a lot of folks who were upset about it inside.” The shared sources were alluring.

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