Janey Godley was frustrated by fans’ questions while she was dying of cancer.

After her ovarian cancer came back, Janey Godley said that she has been asked a lot about how long she has left to live.

The 61-year-old comedian said she will “go out with a bang” after revealing in December that her terminal illness had come back, even though she had promised to keep touring.

During a visit to the ITV daytime show on Tuesday, she was honest and told Lorraine that she doesn’t know how long she will live.

She said, “This will be my last tour because I have cancer.” I can’t wait until I can laugh again and stop talking about my blood count.

The TV star also said about her family, “I know I’m the reason they’re sad.” We need to be able to laugh. “We have to have giggles.”

Janey said that her cancer had come back in a heartfelt Instagram video from last month, but she promised to keep performing until she died.

The famous person told her fans that she would keep going on her “Not Dead Yet” tour in 2019. She also said that she would rather “die on her feet” than on her knees.

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