Jennifer Lopez wears a wedding-worthy white maxi dress.

On June 17, the Halftime actress was spotted holding hands with her fiance on the set of her fiancé’s upcoming film, which is about a former Nike executive’s persistent efforts to sign an endorsement deal with Michael Jordan.

In the photos, Lopez wears a translucent white maxi dress with eyelet detailing, platform espadrille heels, gold hoops, and, of course, her emerald engagement ring.

Although it’s not the only white outfit Lopez has worn in recent days, the dress is excellent for a bride-to-be.

Jennifer Lopez wrote about Ben Affleck’s bubble bath proposal in her April newsletter. The couple announced they were getting married at the beginning of April.

She stated, “I was caught aback and just looked into his eyes, smiling and crying at the same time, trying to wrap my mind around the reality that after 20 years, this was happening all over again; I was literally speechless, and he asked, ‘Is that a yes?'” I answered YES, so that is a YES. I was so unbelievably pleased and complete that tears were streaming down my face as I beamed with a broad smile. It was a simple gesture, yet it was the most romantic thing I could have imagined… It was just a peaceful Saturday evening at home, with two individuals committing to always being there for one another. Two fortunate folks. Who received a second opportunity at real love.

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