“Joe & Sophie’s Long Summer Apart Before The Big Breakup”

When Joe Jonas dropped the bomb and filed for divorce, not many jaws hit the floor. Heck, if you ask the folks close to them, they’d tell you, “Well, they’ve been dancing to different tunes all summer!” An insider spilled the beans, “They weren’t exactly playing house, but dang, they’ve been in their own worlds for a hot minute now.”

Now, don’t get it twisted. Joe, at the age of 34, had lawyered up with a divorce attorney. But, oddly enough, he still flashed that wedding band like a badge of honor.

These two have been on rocky ground for a while, but here’s the silver lining: they’re hoping for a smooth sail through the breakup. Our source dished out, “When it comes to the kiddos, man, everything’s up in the air right now! They had their ducks in a row with a prenup though. The fam’s home base? Sunny Florida. And while Joe’s been jamming out on tour with the kids in tow, Sophie’s been chasing her dreams in the UK.”

The paperwork? It screams that the two little girls are now living it up with daddy. Joe got all touchy-feely in a chat with Mr. Porter back in November, gushing, “I wanna be an open book. But, once we got cozy, I realized I needed a slice of life that’s just mine. And you know what? Having that piece of pie makes me feel whole.”

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions, right?

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