Johnny Depp refuses investigation into a man accused in statutory rape against a child

Johnny Depp’refused’ to investigate the 23 year-old man accused of statutory sexual rape.

According to court documents, this claim also includes Depp’s 15-year old daughter Lily Rose Depp. She was underage at the time she hung out and dated a 23 year-old.

This information was obtained during a conversation between Mr. Kump, Mr. Feedman. The recording was made for a deposition.

The unsigned document states, “He was being investigated and supervised by the Department of Family Services” Although I do not know the specific charges, she was 15 and her boyfriend was 23. They were living together in one of his condos downtown.

It adds that he met with both the LAPD as well as the Department of Family Services. No charges were filed against him, and I questioned him afterward. I replied, “You couldn’t have told the truth” He just smiled.”

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