Jubin Nautiyal died in a fatal accident.

People are talking about the accident of famous singer Jubin Nautiyal, who is best known for hits like “Manike” from the album Thank You. As has already been said, the musician was taken to the hospital after a serious accident at home. Sources say that Jubin Nautiyal may have fallen down the stairs at his house. When fans of the well-known singer heard the news, they were very scared.

But Jubin Nautiyal has now made an official Instagram post in which he talks about his health and says he is doing well. On his official Instagram account, the singer talked about his health. “Thank you to everyone who has helped me,” he wrote. God was watching out for me and kept me from dying in that terrible accident. I’ve been sent home and am doing well. “Thank you for your love and warm prayers, which never stop,” reads what he wrote. Jubin Nautiyal shared a picture that was taken at the hospital along with his post.

Friends from the film and music industries sent Jubin Nautiyal well wishes on Instagram. Neeti Mohan told him to “get well soon.” “Recover quickly, dude! “Warm wishes,” says Asees Kaur. Badshah hoped that Jubin would get better soon. Kumar, Tulsi “Get Well Soon. Be Careful!”

injured Jubin

Sources say that Jubin Nautiyal broke his ribs and right hand. After surgery on his right hand, the singer should take it easy for a few weeks. Friends and fans of Jubin are relieved by his Instagram post about his recovery.

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