Kate Middleton says “sweet.” Prince Louis looks an awful lot like her.

Prince Louis and Kate Middleton look so much alike that it’s scary.

The UK local news channel quotes a friend of Kate’s as saying, “Everyone always talks about how Louis looks just like Kate.”

They told the media, “She loves it and thinks it’s very cute.” She often jokes that he’s the only one of her kids who looks like her.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are also the parents of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

On the internet, Louis is compared to his grandmother’s father.

“I think he looks a lot like Kate’s dad!” “He’s a Middleton for sure!”

“He looks like Michael Middleton,” said a third person.

A third person agreed and said, “I think that as much as William and Queen Elizabeth look like George and Charlotte, Louis looks like Catherine’s dad.” “All three of them are cute!”

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