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Kim Kardashian Fully Wore Leather Chaps Last Night and I’m Shocked

At first glance, you might think Kim is simply wearing a pair of jeans and some navy-blue boots. But again, you would be incorrect! She’s actually wearing a terrifying(ly cool) combination of chaps and pants created by Burberry designer Riccardo Tisci. So, like, I guess we’re all gonna start wearing chaps now? How long do we think it’ll take Miss guided to knock off a pair of these, because I can only go chaps-less for so long!

last Night, Leather Chaps,

 Anyway, here’s Kim’s look from the front and Here’s a look at Kim’s Chaps From the back; & Kanye seemed to have enjoyed them, for what it’s worth.

Kim, Kanye,Leathe,Chaps

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