Kriti Sanon is not the first actress to express a desire for more money.

When promoting her new movie “Bhediya,” Kriti Sanon casually brought up this topic, which caused a lot of controversy.

When you talk about popular Bollywood shows, it’s clear that male and female actresses get paid very differently.

Varun Dhawan, who will soon co-star with Kriti in a film, informed her that other female actresses have also asked for better remuneration for projects and provided examples. He made it clear that he wasn’t talking about actors with more experience than he did.

The conversation began when Varun and Kriti were asked if they had ever had to give up on a project because they had asked for too much funding. Kriti claimed that she has turned down several films because she felt she wasn’t being paid enough and was standing up for herself, and Varun responded by saying that his other female co-stars have been taking “that position” for a long time, long before Kriti.

Kriti is heard adding, “Too much is subjective…” in a video of the same conversation that has now gone viral. I did not purchase a movie. They wouldn’t pay what I thought was reasonable, so I declined. But if I genuinely enjoy a film and find it difficult to part with it, then… After that, Varun remarked, “I was about to say that.” I believe that as long as the performer sincerely enjoys the subject they are working on, money should never be a concern for them.

“Varun, to be really honest, I have had to learn this lesson the hard way since I used to be that way,” Kriti said in response. You must keep a healthy balance because, as you have told me, you must occasionally value yourself as well.

Varun went on to say, “You have to… When I was working on movies like October or Badlapur, money was never even brought up in conversation. I merely wanted to contribute to those films. Kriti said, “I have done several films for far less than what I charge now.” I had already But there are times when you feel unappreciated or like other people are trying to control you. When that happens, you have to respect yourself.

“Yes, after that, you have to make a choice,” he said. Depending on your business relationships, it happens at every stage. When Kriti asserted that this happens more frequently to women, Varun “totally agreed” with her and said, “100%.” She is correct that women do experience this when it comes to compensation, and I wholeheartedly agree with her. That has taken place.

Kriti said, “That’s also because they are standing up for themselves,” to which Varun replied, “They started taking that stand even before you.” Kriti asked if Varun was referring to her parents, to which Varun replied, “No, no.” “All right then,” Kriti answered.

In relation to Bhediya, this is Varun and Kriti’s second endeavour after the wildly popular 2015 film “Dilwale.” Bhaskar (Varun), a werewolf who is bitten by one and transforms into one on every full moon night, is the main character of Bhediya. Kriti will be portrayed as a qualified medical expert. Abhishek Banerjee and Deepak Dobriyal both have important roles in the film.

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