Kriti Sanon tells us what she doesn’t like most about Varun Dhawan.

Bhediya, starring Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan, comes out on November 25. The movie by Amar Kaushik is about werewolves, which is a new idea in Indian movies. The cast and crew of Bhediya are doing their last bits of promotion. In a recent interview, Kriti Sanon talked about what she thought was Varun Dhawan’s worst habit.

Kriti Sanon doesn’t like how “distant” Varun Dhawan sounds on the phone. She said that Bhediya’s actor never says “hi,” “hello,” or “bye,” and never calls back. There’s no hello or anything when Varun calls. Second, he is always thinking about something else when he hangs up the phone. He never says goodbye, just “I’ll call you haan.” No call! Beginning and end are incompatible. He sometimes goes away without saying goodbye.

Kriti loves the end of Bhediya.
Kriti Sanon picked a scene from the movie Bhediya in which she, Abhishek Bannerjee, and Sarwan Ali Palijo talk about Varun Dhawan’s “bum” after the Bhediya bites him. The actress thought that Abhishek Bannerjee’s facial expressions were too funny. Kriti also talked about how she met Varun on the set of their first movie, Dilwale. The leads in Bhediya are getting close.

Bhediya is the third movie in Dinesh Vijan’s horror-comedy series. It is directed by Amar Kaushik and comes after the movies Stree and Roohi. Bhediya is likely to be played by Varun Dhawan in Step 2 and other sequels.

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