Kylie Jenner talked about getting plastic surgery and using fillers.

Kylie Jenner and her family, the Kardashians, are often in the news. The women on this reality show are always in the news, whether it’s because of their controversial comments, Photoshopped photos, surgeries, or relationships. In today’s throwback article, Kylie Jenner talked about getting fillers and having surgery.

In a previous interview with the media, Kylie Jenner was open and honest about the rumours that she had plastic surgery to make herself look better.

She told the media that up to that point, she had only tried fillers. She said, “People think I went under the knife and completely rebuilt my face, which is not true at all.”

She told the media for their cover story, “I’m terrified!” when she talked more about her upcoming surgeries. I would never. ” Jenner also said in the same conversation that all of the changes she has made to herself so far have been based on filler. “They don’t know what good hair, makeup, and, like, fillers can really do,” she said. “It’s fillers.” I don’t say otherwise. “

“I’m not against surgery,” the reality star told reporters in 2015. “I’d never say no, but I don’t want it right now,” she said. Since then, she has had several body changes. Her fillers were taken out in October 2018 and she got temporary lip fillers when she was 17 in 2015. She discussed this in a KUWTK episode that year).

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